Asphalt Paving SEO - How to Ranking High on Google The internet has made it easier for asphalt paving contractors to reach potential customers. However, having a paving website is not going to help you much if people cannot find it. People who know the name of your company will not have much trouble finding your site, but what about those who have never heard of you? When they need asphalt maintenance, paving, sealcoating or another service, they will probably perform a Google search to find local contractors who offer the type of service that they need. If your site is ranked high on the search results page, you have a better chance of being contacted by the searcher and converting the lead to a sale. Here are a few tips on how to improve your paving Google leads and rankings.

The Essentials for Ranking High on Google | SEO

Choose the Right Keywords

The keywords you select should be relevant and pertain to your business. For example, if you only pave highways and streets, do not use a keyword such as “driveway sealcoating.” Using irrelevant keywords could actually lower your Google rankings.

Use Keywords Judiciously

Place keywords in meta descriptions, page titles, section headings and other places where they can be easily seen by Google and the searchers. However, do not overuse keywords. A 300-word article that mentions “parking lot sealcoating services” 30 or 40 times is going to annoy potential customers, but what is even worse is that Google will probably shove your website so far down the search results that few people will see it.

Use Local SEO

Someone who needs a parking lot resurfaced in New Orleans is not going to be interested in asphalt contractors who are located in New York City or San Francisco. Therefore, most people will include their location in their searches. Use asphalt keywords that include the city you want to target. For example, if you offer sealcoating in Denver, make “sealcoating in Denver” one of your keywords.

Build a Business Profile

Having a business profile on Google My Business can enhance your online presence. People searching for a local contractor can use the information to contact you if you make sure that you include contact details, office hours and other pertinent information.

Make Sure Your Website Is Optimized

User experience is critical. If your site is slow to load, your visitor may leave quickly. Remove unnecessary plugins, large images and other elements that negatively impact the performance of your new asphalt website. Furthermore, make sure that your site is optimized for mobile devices; more than half of all internet searches are conducted on a mobile device, according to Google.

Post Engaging, Relevant Content

Great content helps establish you as an expert on the asphalt paving industry, but it can also give potential customers a favorable impression of your company if your content addresses their needs. Relevant content can engage current and potential customers, helping you build relationships and create loyalty. Try to anticipate the type of information that your customers need to know. Focus on conveying this information instead of resorting to keyword stuffing or other questionable tactics that you think might boost your paving Google rankings. Post new content regularly, tailoring your topics to specific seasons or procedures while keeping the content evergreen. Google loves websites that are updated regularly, and this is a legitimate way to improve your rankings.

Collect Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials can be valuable when it comes to convincing prospective customers to contact you. However, Google uses reviews to help determine whether you are operating a legitimate business. You may have to ask customers to leave a review, but few satisfied customers are unwilling to share information on how well you handled their job.

Let Walkie Talkie Help You

At Walkie Talkie, we understand the asphalt industry better than our competitors. We focus on helping asphalt paving contractors succeed by providing great paving websites that are optimized for Google and the other search engines. Your website can be a powerful paving marketing tool, so let us help you harness the energy of the internet for your business. Submit the contact form or call 833-SEO-SEAL or 833-736-7325 to learn more about our services.

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