Social Media Tips for Asphalt Paving ContractorsEvery day, paving contractors throughout the nation are discovering the importance of an online presence. Potential customers are submitting online quote requests, sending emails and looking up their phone numbers so that they can call for more information. However, your paving website is only part of the solution. If you do not have a presence on the social media sites, you could be missing out on sales.

Social Media Tips for Asphalt Paving Contractors

Why Is a Social Media Presence Important?

Sixty years ago, when people needed to find a reliable business, they often asked friends and neighbors for recommendations. They would discuss the merits of a company while chatting over the back fence, around the water cooler or at a party. The social media sites are the digital equivalent of the earlier chats. Then and now, a personal recommendation might influence the decision of which paving company to choose. Being active on social media can help you see that prospective customers find those personal recommendations.

Another important reason to have social media presence has to do with the way that consumers shop for services today. They conduct millions of Google searches every minute to find and research local contractors. Being active on social media makes it easier for them to find and interact with you.

Tips for Using Social Media Effectively

Social media sites can be a highly effective marketing tool, but you must understand how to use them properly. The following advice can help.

• Your paving social media marketing plan must be integrated with your other marketing strategies. Keep your messages aligned, and do not send contradictory or confusing messages.
• Take advantage of local SEO. People usually add their location to their searches, so make sure that you include that information in your social media content.
• Treat social media sites as a way to engage potential and current customers. Provide useful, engaging content that does not involve high-pressure sales tactics. You are building relationships, proving that you are trustworthy, and educating your readers on the asphalt paving industry.
• Post regularly, and make sure that you review and respond to comments promptly. If you receive a glowing review, thank the person posting the review. If you receive a negative comment, respond to it appropriately. This does not necessarily mean that you admit that you were at fault. You can simply state that you would like for the person to call you so that you can discuss ways to rectify the issue.
• Appoint one person to handle all of your social media activities, including making new posts and responding to comments.
• Share content that your readers will find relevant and interesting. This may include announcements of honors earned by your company, pictures of staff members at industry conferences, or news about the pavement industry in general.
• YouTube videos of your crews at work can be a great way to advertise your services in a low-key manner. You could also create videos in which you educate viewers on some little-known secrets of asphalt sealcoating, overlays or other services.

Walkie Talkie helps asphalt pavement contractors implement an ongoing, effective web marketing program that includes social media. We create high-performance asphalt websites and SEO marketing programs. We believe that in today’s world; the company website should be the central marketing hub for any business. Contact Walkie Talkie Marketing by filling out the contact form or call 833-SEO-SEAL or 833-736-7325.

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