Asphalt Websites - Why Cheaper Is Not Better, paving websiteIf you do not have an asphalt website, you could be missing out on sales. Whether you offer commercial or residential paving services, your potential customers will likely start searching online for a local provider. They will want to visit your website to see the types of services you offer, the testimonials and reviews that previous customers have posted, your accreditations, and your contact information. Without a high-quality website, you could be mistaken for a novice or even a fly-by-night contractor. However, there are other ways that a cheap website can hurt your business.

Asphalt Websites – Why Cheaper Is Not Better

How Might a Cheap Website Hurt Asphalt Contractors?

Unfortunately, many contractors use cost as the primary factor when selecting a company to create and maintain their sites. A cheap website can be a waste of money initially, but such a site can end up costing you more in the long run. For example, you may have to pay for upgrades to prevent visitors from abandoning your website due to navigation problems or slow page loads that may be depriving you of potential sales.

Furthermore, you must consider the primary function of paving websites. They are not intended to trigger an impulse purchase. A consumer arriving at a landing page for a vitamin supplement or a piece of costume jewelry might make an instant purchase, but they are highly unlikely to enter their payment information to purchase a new car. The more an item costs, the more research the buyer will want to conduct. When it comes to constructing or maintaining an asphalt pavement, they are probably unable even to estimate the costs. Therefore, the primary function of your website is to obtain leads through the effective use of asphalt SEO terms. More asphalt website traffic means more leads, and more leads mean more jobs. A cheap website is unlikely to generate the traffic and the leads that you need to grow your business.

Cheap websites are typically based on templates that a designer may use to create hundreds of sites. You have probably spent a great deal of effort to make your company stand out from the competition. If your asphalt paving website is virtually identical to the website for the asphalt company across town, it can be difficult for visitors to perceive any difference between the two companies.

What Features Should Custom Asphalt Websites Include?

A custom website will include the features that you need without adding the features that you do not need. For example, your website should be easy for the bots used by search engines to crawl so that they can find relevant terms and content to optimize your rankings. Your site should serve to support your asphalt marketing efforts, so it should have the ability to incorporate various types of content. Furthermore, your site should be easy for users to navigate, the pages should load quickly, and the entire layout should be logical and obvious.

Is WordPress a Good Option for Custom Websites?

WordPress began as a tool for bloggers, but it has turned into a robust content management system and a powerful tool for building websites. In fact, more than 32% of the websites currently on the internet are powered by WordPress, including Facebook, Target, Disney, and many other top brands. Depending on your specific needs, WordPress could be an excellent option for a custom website.

At Walkie Talkie, We Know Asphalt

At Walkie Talkie, we did not just wake up one morning and decide to specialize in creating exceptional websites and marketing programs for asphalt contractors. We spent more than 30 years in the industry, and this gives us unique insights into what you need and want. If you need an asphalt marketing program and a high-quality website, contact us for more information and a free quote. You can call 833-SEO-SEAL or use the contact form on our website to discuss the various ways that we can help.

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