Instantly Increase Your Website Traffic

You can instantly increase the incoming traffic to your website through highly targeted ad placements in the search engines. These ads show up along side normal search engine results but are in fact paid ads that target specific search terms. Paid search engine ads are perfect for jumpstarting a new website or creating a larger presence in the existing search results.

How Does it Work?

Paid ads or Pay-Per-Click ads are text based advertisements that show along side normal search engine results. Paid ads are usually located on the far right side of the search engine results page, and sometimes as the top three listings in the main results. The ads are always labeled with the word “Ads” or “Advertisements” at the top and often will have a different colored background.

Payment for pay-per-click ads is just as it sounds. You set a daily budget and the only time you have to pay is when someone clicks on the actual ad. The cost of each click is determined by the “going bid” for a given keyword. If it is a highly competitive keyword the cost per click will be more. When clicked, these ads take the visitor to the website page of your choice.

PPC Ad Package

Our Pay-Per-Click ad package includes everything you need to keep an effective PPC Ad campaign working from month to month. We offer PPC setup and management for Google, Bing & Yahoo. Each package includes:

Account Set Up

Keyword Research

Campaign Creation

Monthly Maintenance & Monitoring

Monthly Report

Contact us to create a custom package for your company.